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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Using Essential Oils and Herbs in Pregnancy

Herbs and essential oils are 'natural' medicine so they have to be 'good' for you?  Not necessarily!  Some herbs and essential oils are very toxic and are not recommended for normal use.  When it comes to pregnancy, some herbs and essential oils are capable of inducing an early labor, aborting baby, poisoning baby and more.  Some essential oils and herbs are uterine stimulants which mean that they may be good for labor - but check with a medical professional first, because some are also toxic.  And then there are some essential oils and herbs which help induce menustration - not something you want in pregnancy either!

To learn more read:

Herbs and Oils to Avoid in Pregnancy

This article is only a brief overview of the subject and I highly recommend that you do further reading, research and take professional advice before using some of these herbs and oils for pregnancy.

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