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Monday, February 8, 2010

Essential Oils for the 'Winter Blues'

I don't know about you, but I am not a 'winter' person; here in Arizona, we are usually treated to some pretty nice weather, even in the winter months, with sunny, if cold, days.  However, for the last month it seems like we have had nothing but rain, snow and overcast days - with hardly a peek of sunshine - pretty much like the weather I was used to in the U.K.  Consquently, or maybe as a coincidence, I have been feelling pretty low and off-color the past couple of weeks.

However, there are some essential oils which can come to the rescue of 'winter blues' and depression.  Many essential oils possess the properties which make us feel more uplifted and more 'normal'.  Some essential oils which help with the 'winter blue' include:

In addition, I find that many of the citrus oils, such as lemon, mandarin and orange, can help me feel more 'uplifted'.  Use essential oils in an aromatherapy blend, in the bath or in a diffuser.  I also find buring pure essential oil candles helps, especially on a 'dark' day!

Now, I'm off for some 'winter blues' healing with my essential oils!

If you have any thoughts on 'Essential Oils for the Winter Blues'' please post me a comment below!

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