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Saturday, February 13, 2010

How to Become a Registered Aromatherapist in the U.S.

I posted about the Professional Aromatherapy Training in the Use of Essential Oils last year and stated that becoming a registered aromatherapist was an option, but not a requirement in the U.S. Registration to become a registered aromatherapist in the U.S. is done through the Aromatherapy Registration Council; although this is not something I have done during my time in the U.S. here are some further details about it, if you want to take your aromatherapy training/recognition one step further.

The Aromatherapy Registration Council was established in 1999 to assess independently aromatherapists who apply for membership; the Aromatherapy Registration Council is a non-profit organization which is not affilated with any aromatherapy training provider or school.  Applicants who apply for membership are required to take a four hour, 250 question, multiple choice exam, held in many local cities throughout the U.S.  Exam dates are set twice a year, approximately in March/April and September/October.  Once the applicant has successfully passed the exam, aromatherapy registration with the Aromatherapy Registration Council is valid for five years (at which time a new exam is required to be taken).

Applicants to the Aromatherapy Registration Council need to have completed at least a one year Level 2 aromatherapy program which is in compliance with NAHA Educational Guidelines; there is also an application fee (currently $275).  Successful registered aromatherapists are expected to complete continuing education to maintain their membership; registered aromatherapists with the Aromatherapy Registration Council are listed in a directory too.

As there are currently no minimum requirements to set up as an 'aromatherapist' in the U.S., registration with the Aromatherapy Registration Council adds more weight and credibility to an aromatherapist's qualifications and expertise.  However, it depends on what area of aromatherapy you intend to practice in, and personal choice, in order to make a decision whether the registration would be of benefit to you.

I have not chosen to become a registered aromatherapist in the U.S as yet due to a number or reasons; some of those are personal ones.  However, should my situation change it may be something I will consider in the future.

Next time I'll look at aromatherapy registration requirements in the U.K.!

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