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Monday, February 1, 2010

The Link Between Chocolate and Aromatherapy

Some of you may know that I have a web site called Chocolate Aromatherapy; the inspiration for Chocolate Aromatherapy came from my love of chocolate and the frustration of the abundance of chocolate 'aromatherapy' products which were on the market - and were, in fact, not 'true' aromatherapy products.  Many chocolate aromatherapy web sites feature novelty items which combine chocolate in various items with a chocolate 'fragrance' and not 'true' chocolate aromatherapy - read my article, Essential Oil, Fragrance Oil or Hydrosol? to re-cap on the differences between essential oils and fragrance oils.

But, chocolate, isn't an essential oil either, so how can it be classed as 'true' chocolate aromatherapy?  Chocolate is made from the cacao beans/seeds of the cacao tree.  Cacao seeds have various uses - they were highly prized by the Mayan culture, more so than gold, and were in fact the equivalent of the value of 'money' as we use it today.  Cacao beans were traded with other tribes in exchange for goods and services.

Today, of course, cacao beans are used to make chocolate - and they are also the source of cocoa butter, also known as theobrama.  Cocoa butter is often used in aromatherapy, either on its own or combined with essential oils - hence the link between chocolate and 'true' aromatherapy!

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As Valentine's Day is approaching, why not treat yourself or a loved one, to a special treat of chocolate aromatherapy?  Check out Chocolate Aromatherapy to learn more!

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