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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Aromatherapy Newsletters Written by Aromatherapists

My last full blog post focused on aromatherapy publications; this post is about aromatherapy newsletters written by aromatherapists. Many aromatherapy businesses now send out a free newsletter to clients. Depending on the business, the newsletter may contain information about new products, special offers and what is happening with the business.

Many large aromatherapy businesses send out a 'standard' aromatherapy newsletter but many smaller businesses tend to personalize the newsletter and you actually feel that you are getting to know a 'real' person.

Social media such as facebook and twitter has changed the way people are doing business and not everyone issues newsletters any more. However, here's my pick of two of my preferred aromatherapy businesses newsletters:

  • Penny Price - Penny Price is a U.K. based aromatherapy business with distributors around the world; Penny is the daughter of Shirley and Len Price, who owned an aromatherapy business too. Penny's newsletter's are informal yet professional at the same time and this really is a family-run business.

  • Aromahead Institute - I just discovered this year Andrea Butje at the Aromahead Institute; although I have yet to meet Andrea when I take her aromatherapy course next year, I have found Andrea's newsletters to be informational, yet friendly at the same time. I get the impression that Andrea is very experienced in what she does.

And of course, my own aromatherapy business, Sedona Aromatherapie, produces a monthly newsletter too! My newsletter is a work-in-progress and is continually evolving as my plans for my aromatherapy business evolve too. I am considering new ways to effectively produce a quality newsletter but currently I issue a full newsletter quarterly, and a monthly update.

If you have any suggestions or comments please let me know below!