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Monday, July 5, 2010

Growing Lavender in Arizona

I posted on June 1, 2010 about Lavender in the Arizona Mountains and Red Rock Farms.  Unfortunately, as seems to have been the way for me this year, my plans to visit Red Rock Farms during the lavender festival did not happen as planned.  Although frustrating, all is not lost.  It is possible to visit throughout the rest of the year and I already have some thoughts on how to utilize lavender in my own back yard.

Our property consists of just over an acre of land here in Sedona.  Most of that, is "au naturelle" landscaping - you get the picture :)  However, landscaping with lavender, even here in Arizona, is possible.  Imagine awakening to the fragrance of lavender each day (when in bloom) - and as a base for an aromatherapy business, what could be more fitting?

Several years ago, a few vineyards started to spring up around Sedona.  California is probably more noted for its wine than Arizona but now the vineyard business in Sedona seems to be taking off.  So, perhaps lavender in Sedona, as oppose to lavender in Provence, is also a contender!  At the moment, I'm just thinking of landscaping but who know where that may lead to? :)

Watch this space over the coming year for an update on my lavender landscaping!

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