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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Aromatherapy Glossary - An Introduction to Common Aromatherapy Words

When I first started studying aromatherapy, some of the words used to describe essential oils, not to mention some of the more "exotic" essential oils which I had never heard of, often confused me.  What exactly was "adulterated", "cardomon", "cicatrisant", "phototoxic", "synthetic" and "volatile"?

Just a few years ago the world wide web as we know it today was not as evolved - facebook, believe it or not, didn't exist until just a few years ago!  Although I did some research on the internet for my aromatherapy studies, I relied more on actual books for reference.  However, sometimes it would have been nice to find a source where I could go to look something up.  A bit like using the dictionary when you are unsure of a word....

...and so evolved Aromatherapy Glossary, my latest aromatherapy web site!  However, this is purely an information web site, unlike my other aromatherapy web stores and you can simply visit the web site, look up "citratrisant" for example, and go away with the information.  If you want more information about me or my work, there are links to all of my other web sites and some of the aromatherapy words in the aromatherapy glossary link through to a more in-depth article.  I would also encourage you to reference other sources for information, as an aromatherapy student.  However, I do believe Aromatherapy Glossary is a good starting point for many - and will truly help you make "scents of aromatherapy words"! :)

Visit Aromatherapy Glossary to learn more...

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