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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Aromatherapy and Cancer

Does aromatherapy help with cancer?  Although, science is still out on this one, I have used aromatherapy to help clients who were recovering from cancer.  That's not to say aromatherapy CURES cancer - it is not a claim a reputable aromatherapist would ever make, but it can help with some of the side effects of cancer, such as pain, nausea and stress.

There are many essential oils which can help in pain management in diseases such as cancer; essential oils such as lavender, roman chamomile and frankincense are known for their analgesic properties.  In addition, essential oils such as lemon, ginger and peppermint can help with nausea and stress relieving essential oils include lavender, rose and geranium.

Aromatherapy is cited as a "support" therapy for cancer, that is it is used to help deal with the side effects associated with cancer.  The use of aromatherapy with cancer should be used with the knowledge of a doctor to make sure it doesnot interact or contradict any other forms of treatments of medication which the patient may be undertaking.  Some clinical studies, according to the National Institute of Cancer, show that aromatherapy helps improve the quality of life for cancer patients, at whatever stage of the disease they may be at.

Always check with a qualified professional before using aromatherapy with a cancer patient, as each person is different and there may be additional contraindications to take into account, in addition to the usual warnings associated with some essential oils and with certain conditions.

However, used correctly and wisely, I believe that aromatherapy is a useful tool to help the quality of life in cancer patients.

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