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Friday, October 30, 2009

My Favorite Essential Oils

We probably all have a favorite essential oil; however my favorite essential oils seem to change with season and my mood!

Ultimely, I would say that my top ten list of favorite essential oils are:

For anyone who knows anything about essential oils, you can probably see that my taste is pretty expensive! However, I like different essential oils for different things; the citrus oils (of which orange is my favorite) are versatile and uplifting at any time of the year.

Some of my other favorites, such as rose, frankincense and sandalwood, are 'heavy' essential oils and I certainly wouldn't use them in excess (if not for the price alone!).

Geranium essential oil is an essential oil which I use a lot in blends for different things so for me it is a versatile and reasonably priced essential oil to have on my 'favorite' essential list.

If you have a favorite essential oil please post me a comment below and tell me why!


  1. I completely agree that our favourites change over time depending on mindset, energy levels and physical & emotional states. We seem to be attracted to the oils we need the most at any given time. This is testimony to their ability to work at a subconscious level and to their amazing vibrations.

    I also believe, though that our favourites can differ from those we use as practitioners as result of social & environmental issues. I think we have a huge responsibilty to educate our clients about endangered species, the importance of supporting ethical and sustainable business (including the treatment of indigenous peoples).

    This is something I've been researching lately and I'm really surprised that many companies I have bought from previously actually supply the essential oils of number of endangered botanical species, carrier oils that endanger the survival of animals or are extracted from them cruelly and hydrosols that are not possible, like lemon!

    I have come to expect this from the large beauty & skincare brands, but am disappointed that much loved Aromatherapy suppliers are not more responsibile.

  2. I agree. When I moved from the U.K. to the U.S. I found it so difficult to find a 'reputable' essential oil supplier; in fact, I'm still experimenting as I don't like buying from big companies. I guess I was spoiled in the U.K. I did my training with Penny Price and bought her essential oils too- which are not tested on animals, know where they come from etc - in fact, I'm still considering buying from her, its just the shipping costs which makes it expensive and I have to put my prices up to reflect that, something that I am reluctant to do in this economy now :(