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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Am I Allergic to Essential Oils?

Pure essential oils are natural and many people don't consider that they may be allergic to essential oils for that reason. Although a natural substance, an essential oil can cause allergic reactions in some people. If you think about it, people suffer from hay fever and other pollen allergies which often relate to pollen and seeds, again 'natural' elements.

For this reason, if you haven't used a particular essential oil, and you know you are a sensitive person, it is best to do a skin patch test before using the essential oil in full. Some essential oils carry warnings that they may cause sensitization but even those which don't may cause an allergic reaction.

That being said, I am a sensitive person myself and have not experienced any allergic reactions to essential oils - but then again, everyone is different!

If you have experienced allergic reactions to an essential oil please post a comment and let me know...

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