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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thyme Essential Oil

The herb Thyme produces a number of different essential oils, depending on the distillate and depending on the location in which the herb is grown. Not only is this confusing (they all bear the same botanical name) but it can cause unwanted side effects if you do not know which variety of Thyme essential oil you have.
The two most common Thyme essential oils used in aromatherapy are sweet (or common) Thyme and red Thyme; red Thyme is the more aggressive essential oil whereas sweet Thyme is more gentle. The reasons for this lie in the fact that red Thyme essential oil is composed primarily of the chemical component phenol and sweet Thyme essential oil is made up mainly of alcohols, which are gentler in their actions. However, red Thyme essential oil does have its uses in aromatherapy - if you know what to use it for, exercise caution and do not use it in contra-indicated situations.
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