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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

An Essential Oil Glossary - Understanding Aromatherapy Terms

Aromatherapists use some complicated terms to describe essential oils and what properties essentials hold. To the student of aromatherapy this can be very confusing. A simple list or glossary of essential oil terms can help.

There are many aromatherapy books out there - the good ones will contain a glossary of essential oil terms and their meanings. Some are self-explanantory, such as deodorant; others are more complex, such as emmenagogue.

Then there are the terms used to describe the odor of an essential oil. What does 'green' mean? It doesn't mean the essential oil is green in color, in fact it describes an essential oil which has a grassy odor! Of course, many aromatherapists use different terms and can interpret things slightly differently but in general there are some common aromatherapy terms used by most.

As an initial student of aromatherapy, I found the composition of an essential oil glossary helpful and still add to it today, as I continue to learn, or re-visit, new terms. If you want to know more about an essential oil glossary and some of the more common aromatic terms, check out An Essential Oil Glossary of Aromatic Terms.

If you have any suggestions or thoughts on essential oil terms please let me know!

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