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Friday, November 19, 2010

...And I'm Back on Aromatherapy Notes - at Least for Now!

So, last month I transferred the Aromatherapy Notes blog over to its own domain name.  Unfortunately, I suffered a devasting blow to all of my blogs and websites last weekend when a hacker maliciously hacked them all and caused them to go down.  In addition to that, it appears that we have some sort of major problem with our main home computer (at least I have my laptop for now).

So, after a few days of fretting, I came back to blogger and, resurrected from the ashes, the old Aromatherapy Notes blog.  It hasn't been updated in over a month but it does provide a resource of all my past aromatherapy information and links to all of my essential oil profiles at Suite 101 (which were not affected in the hack as it is an independent website that I write for).  I wanted to at least provide something of aromatic use to my readers :)

My aromatherapy websites and the Aromatherapy Notes blog WILL return but the process is taking longer than anticipated.  And, in the name of professionalism and continuity I wanted to put something back on line.  So, here we are!  Back on blogger for now!  I'll keep you updated and thank you for being here :)

In addition, you can find some of my aromatherapy wedding products now over at Etsy!  Click here.

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But in the words of Arnie, "I'll be back!" :)

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