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Monday, October 11, 2010

The Aromatherapy Notes Blog is Moving!

We are moving!
 Its been on the cards for a while, but last week I finally got round to starting to move the Aromatherapy Notes blog to its own domain name.  The new Aromatherapy Notes blog isn't quite yet complete, but I hope to get it fully functional by the end of October.  All the original content from this blog has been transferred over to the new Aromatherapy Notes blog, so the information hasn't been lost.

However, if you currently "follow" this Aromatherapy Notes blog on blogger, you'll need to make a note to "follow" my new Aromatherapy Notes blog.  I'll post another post when the new blog is fully functional to remind you, but I am not going to making any more "proper" aromatherapy posts on this blog from now on.

The reason I'm moving the Aromatherapy Notes blog onto its own domain name is simply to make the blog more professional looking - and to link it more easily into my "aromatherapy family" of web sites.  I hope that you will like the new Aromatherapy Notes blog and will continue to "follow" me over there!  See you soon! :)

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