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Friday, August 20, 2010

Aromatherapy Blogs and Garden Blogs

Aromatherapy is the therapeutic practice and use of essential oils.  As essential oils are naturally extracted from a variety of scented plants, aromatherapists should have a good knowledge of botany and the chemistry of essential oils, to understand how essential oils work and in order to be able to identify a pure essential oil from a synthetically substituted essential oil.

Where possible, I try to establish links with other quality aromatherapy blogs and websites on the web.  But, as aromatherapy is so closely linked to botany, and therefore to the garden world, it would also be beneficial to establish links with garden blogs and garden websites - predominately those with a scented theme!

If you are a gardener, who has an interest in scented plants, and have a relevant garden blog or website, please contact me to discuss exchanging links!  I really think it would be beneficial to the both of us!

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