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Monday, May 17, 2010

U.K. Hospital Offers New Mothers Aromatherapy for Labor Pain

Its something those trained in aromatherapy have always known - but actually seeing aromatherapy in practice in health care was a rare event until recent years.  In the U.K. that is.  I am not so sure that aromatherapy is used as widely in the U.S. in true health care as in the U.K., partly because of the complicated issues surrounding health care insurance.

However, health care in the U.K. is set up slightly differently and the National Health Service (NHS) is starting to incorporate aromatherapy use into more "serious" medical practices.  BBC Bristol reports that expectant mothers under North Bristol NHS Trust, at Southmead hospital and at Cossham Birth Centre (from Fall 2011), are receiving aromatherapy treatments for labor pain, anxiety, muscle pain and pregnancy related sickness from trained midwives.

Some of the essential oils that are offered by North Bristol NHS Trust trained midwives include:

These essential oils are used under the guidance of midwives who have completed aromatherapy training.  It appears that the U.K. medical service is finally recognizing aromatherapy for its true healing practices - and there will be a new generation of babies who enter this world to the aromatic fragrance of essential oils! :)

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