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Friday, March 19, 2010

Essential Oils for Children: Introducing Aromatherapy to Children

On March 15th 2010, I wrote about mohdoh, a form of "mouldable aromatherapy" and an ideal way to introduce aromatherapy to children.  Following on from that, I wrote an article on the different ways to introduce aromatherapy to children.  Some people are wary about using essential oils with children, because of the belief that they are "harmful." Like many other things in life, essential oils usually become "harmful" to children through misuse and lack of understanding and knowledge before using them. However, there are some essential oils which are not recommended for children, because of the chemical make-up of them, and some essential oils which are naturally more suited for use with children.

To learn more read the full article - Aromatherapy for Children...

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